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Morning Yoga Workouts (Paperback) by Zack Kurland

Morning Yoga Workouts (Paperback) by Zack Kurland

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9780736064019. New condition. Trade paperback. Language: English. Pages: 217. Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 217 p. Contains: Illustrations. black & white. Halftones. black & white. This work is ideal for people looking to become more active. as well as a reference for personal trainers and fitness professionals. Morning workouts continue to grow in popularity due to the ever increasing demand on peoples time. A start-of-the-day workout has been found to be beneficial in preparing the body and mind for the day ahead. It includes workout options based on time. level and intensity; nine yoga sequences including a full range of yoga asanas and breathing techniques; and includes nutrition. environment and equipment advice.

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